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Awesome St Patricks Day 2020 Pick Up Lines

St Patricks Day 2020 Pick Up Lines:- 

Hey haaii, I know you already started preparation for St Patrick's Day 2020 and waiting for St Patrick's Day 2020 to arrive to enjoy Feast of St Patrick Day 2020. If you want to start a new conversation with someone confused used how to talk with them to tell that you want to celebrate Happy St Patrick's Day 2020 with them. Then do not worry anymore as I am here posting some Cool Happy St Patricks Day 2020 Pickup Lines which help you to start a new discussion with your love one or dear one on this St Patrick's Day and help you in making new friends. These St Paddy Day 2020 Pickup lines are latest of St Patrick's Day Pickup Lines 2020. So let start looking at Wonderful St Patrick's Pickup Lines!St Patrick's Day also known as Feast of St Patrick is celebrated on 17th March each year all over the world. People normally wear green clothes on this Day and also watch & attend St Patrick's Day Parade organized at different places of USA, Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries


List of Some of the Best Happy St Patricks Day 2020 Pickup Lines

  • Is there a pot at the end of your rainbow?
  • Are you a four-leaf clover? Because I’m feeling lucky tonight!
  • Kiss me, I’m Irish (basic, but pure genius).


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Funny St Patricks Day Pickup Lines 2020


  • Can I shamrock your body?
  • You can pinch me anywhere, if you want.
  • Is your name Jameson? Because I wanna drink you up.
  • How lucky do I look to you?

Best St Paddy’s Day 2020 Pick up Lines

  • I caught a leprechaun today but I’ll let you have him because he did his job: I was lucky enough to meet you. 
  • I’d appreciate it if you kissed me today even if it’s just based on my ethnicity.

St Patricks Day 2020 pickup lines

  • I’m “Dublin” my efforts to get you to go out with me.  
  • I thought your smile was the shimmer from a pot of gold so I followed it and found something as bright and beautiful as a rainbow at the end: YOU.

Pick up lines about St Patrick Day 2020


  • Why don't you come catch a leprechaun with me. Maybe together we'll get lucky!
  • I’m Dublin my efforts to get you to go out with me.
  • It doesn't take a Guinness to realize you're the best-looking guy here
  • My lips are like the Blarney Stone - kiss them for good luck.

Gaelic Pick up lines 2020

  • You look like you might be interested in some great conversation.
  • Hi, I’m writing a phone book, can I have your number?
  • I don’t know if you know this, but you look a lot like my next girlfriend.
  • Do you come here often? I could use your opinion about something.
  • Would you like to dance? 
  • Wow, I really love what you’re wearing. What is that?
  • Excuse me, can you help me with…?
  • What’s for dinner?

Naughty St Patrick's Day 2020 Pickup Lines

  • Are you a virgin?… cuz your looking pretty tight today.
  • Don’t Tell Me if You Want Me to Take You Out to Dinner. Just Smile for Yes, or Do a Backflip for No.
  • Is your last name pepper cause your SMOKIN!
  • You’re So Beautiful That You Made Me Forget My Pickup Line.
  • I just thought you should know that you have a really nice.

St Patrick's Day 2020 Pickup Lines Images

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